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Here's what some students have to say about Learn Anything:

"At the beginning I was so worried that I wasn't doing the right course but I was put through to some lovely people on-line to help me through. I found that the tutors were always very helpful and would always write back as soon as they could. I am happy with the service from Learn Anything and would like to pursue more qualifications through them. It's easy to do as you don't need to leave work to go to any colleges or university. You can work from home or when you're on the move without having to worry about being at certain places. Learn Anything have helped me gain the qualifications I need to help get into the career I want in the future and get me the qualifications to get into University and so on.

Love it!"

Jade - Human Anatomy & Physiology

"I am really happy taking my online TESOL and Alternative Energy Course with Learn Anything. It was fun, flexible, rewarding and perfect value for money. Fantastic tutors with lovely Reponses any time you need them (24/7). In fact I will say they are the best online course provider. I 100% recommend them."

Solomon - TESOL, Alternative Energy

"As a result of the cabin crew course, I have been selected to attend an assessment day with QANTAS at the end of this month. The course was a big plus, it showed enthusiasm and initiative. Accordingly, has increased my chances to get to the first round."

Abadla - Cabin Crew

"I was very apprehensive when I started as I haven't studied since I left school in 1986. A challenge completed. I have learnt quite a lot and enjoyed it very much! Thanks again."

Anonymous - Medical Terminology

"Just finished my Legal Terminology course and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Your site was fantastic, easy to read directions and portals and very insightful information. This has been a great introduction to my Law studies at University which I have just commenced. So a huge thank you Learn Anything for helping me further my studies and gaining knowledge that will assist me in my future endeavours and a big thank you to my tutor also, who was really helpful during my course."

Sarah S - Legal Terminology

"I honestly enjoyed this Sheep Management Course, I learned a lot, my tutor was very kind and the material was very useful. I know a lot more about Sheep management than I did before. Thank you so much indeed."

Monika - Hungary

"I have just completed a 'Professional Editing and Proofreading' course with Learn Anything and I loved it!

It has been along time since I studied but I was looking for a new direction with retirement not too far away. I have always been an avid reader and have a bad habit of 'zeroing in' on spelling and grammatical errors whenever I read a newspaper or publication, so the Editing and Proofreading course was an obvious choice.

I must say a big "Thank You" to Learn Anything and especially to my tutor, Jessica, who returned the assignments promptly and was so encouraging and helpful with her comments and suggestions.

The whole course was really interesting and informative and I was surprised at the range of topics covered; not only the 'mechanics' of the English language but tips on how to set up in business, where to look for work, guides on pricing, and working with technology - so much more than just checking spelling and punctuation.

I have no hesitation in recommending the 'Professional Editing and Proofreading' course. It certainly exceeded my expectations."

Gail Hampson - Professional Editing and Proofreading

"I have enjoyed my Learn Anything Course on Child Psychology. As I am in the older age bracket it has been a long time since I have studied. I was mentally bored but I wanted to study something that supported my child educator occupation. I chose Child Psychology. The course has been of great benefit in recapping what I already knew and clarifying the today child/family. Thank you Learn Anything as I have found your course interesting and valuable."

Beverly - Child Psychology

"At the time of writing I am enrolling on my third course with Learn Anything. I find their educational courses useful and interesting, and they represent good value. The courses are practical and enjoyable. I have found the staff to be cooperative and helpful. Learn Anything have provided me with excellent service. Learn Anything have provided me with training courses which are relevant, and of interest to my particular need. Learn Anything have provisioned me with an excellent and friendly service."

Keith Middlehurst, Preston

"I would like to thank Learn Anything , this was my first time to study online and it was fantastic because I studied any time I wanted and reviewed some lessons, I enjoyed this payroll course and had a great support from my tutor who answered my questions."

Marcela Ortiz - MYOB Payroll

"Having just completed the business writing course there was a lot of information I found to be beneficial and useful.

The most useful piece of information I found was the different kinds of letters you can produce and what information to detail in each kind of letter. I had always thought that the letters had to be lengthy, detailed and boring and instead it is all about targeting the right audience and you can even add captions, headers and clipart when appropriate.

I found the course has definitely improved my grammar, style of writing and most of all to proofread my letters, emails and etc as before I would write a letter or email and never re read it to make sure it made sense and just send it off.

I really enjoyed the module on sales proposal and was excited to be able to put together a sales proposal using all sorts of items to liven up the proposal like photos, logos and borders."

Lyndal Facal - Business Writing

"I have recently completed MYOB Introductory, Intermediate and Payroll through distance learning with Learn Anything. It is the first time I have used distance learning and I found the training material to be extremely helpful and studying on-line was great. I could study and complete assignments at my own pace, knowing that I had a tutor available to assist me if I had any problems.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan on doing more courses in the future."

Lynette Parker - MYOB Payrol

"This is my first online learning experience, and course direct made me fond of this style of study, which is quite special and convenient. The first thing that attracts me is the enrollment. Unlike at school, I don't need to google the map first and then find the way there,sometimes with difficulties. Just one phone call, I was able to learn.

In the second place, as all the study material is posted online, I have a total freedom on my study. I could log in whenever I am ready to learn without worrying about bothering the teachers as at school. In the third place, the arrangement of the course units is well-planned. Each lesson is 5 pages long on average, quite appropriate for learners to read efficiently. The content is new and most important, close to real life.

If some day in the future I want to learn more knowledge, I would choose course direct."

Qiau Want, England - TESOL Professional Certificate

"Following a number of changes in the company I currently work for, I had a change of heart and after some thought decided I would like to go to university. I was then informed that I had a conditional offer, and had to complete this course to be able to be accepted. I felt a little disheartened at this, but soon had my mind put to ease as I started gathering details of the course that I was about to begin.

The course content was comprehensively set out on the website I was given for details. On receiving the full documentation, this was also set out in an easily manageable fashion. The course content was interesting, varied and relevant to the course I will be taking at university. I really enjoyed the practical side to the course, and having this amongst the theory was a really helpful way to learn. I was also very impressed at the speed at which my results came back for each module - it was really helpful to be able to send off assignments as and when I had finished them because I could then see the results as I went through which was really motivational.

I now feel much more prepared to begin my course at university, as I have acquired a lot of background knowledge from this course. Thank you very much for your professionalism and assistance in making what first seemed a mammoth task into an enjoyable and enriching experience."

Bryony Nash - Introduction to Marine Studies

"I would like to take a moment to thank the school for the kind and professional welcoming which I was given. Also the prompt service I was given when I lodged my enrolment via the web.I am looking forward to completing this short course and moving to other computer course."

Computer Servicing basics

"I have been working as a Senior Tour Guide in Cairns for the past 5 years and wanted to undertake a EcoGuide course to further my studies to become an Eco Accredited Guide. After searching for the right course solely based around EcoGuding, I came in contact with Learn Anything and there EcoTourism Guide Course. After looking through the course structure, it was exactly what i wanted to study to improve my deliveries and knowledge as a current Tour Guide.

I found the Course to be outstanding in everyway, not only for current Guides wanting formal and expansion on there education, but this would be ideal for any new Guides starting of there Guiding career.. The course structure was very relevant to Guiding and educated me beyond my current knowledge in Guiding in ways which surprised me. The course content was great, it covered all areas and fields you would require as a Guide and most importantly, it educated me in delivering tours in a more sustainable way.

What made the course so enjoyable and educational as well, was the people behide the course. The people at Course's Direct were amazing. They were always so helpful and friendly, from the office staff to my Tutor. Nothing was ever to much trouble and if i needed any assistance from my Tutor, it was done within a matter of a very short time and provided to me in a very easy to understand way. Without these people the course would of been just a course. They made it more than a course and this makes all the difference.

Due to my completion of my EcoTourism Guide Course with Course's Direct, It has given me assistance with a formal Guiding qualification to go on and become a Eco Accredited Guide of Australia and also gain Guides of Australia accreditation as well.

Thank you all very much and i will be recommending this course in the future."

Jason - Accredited Eco Tour Guide of Australia Ecotourism