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Online Photography Course

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Course Duration: 80 Hours
Course REF: DSL009

Online Photography Course Outline

Online photography course is an interactive online training programme designed for new and amateur photographers alike, who want to massively enhance their photography skills, knowledge and understanding and learn to shoot dazzling, professional standard photographs.

Developed by professional photographers and e-learning experts, the course is delivered online through 18 engaging modules, which ensures your learning experience is fun, effective and at a level that will suit you perfectly.

There is no complicated jargon and no stone is left unturned in this extensive course. That’s also why it’s the course trusted by schools, colleges and institutes around the world.

There are no time-limits on the course. It is completely self-paced, so you can take your time to study each unit during your spare time, safe in the knowledge that all of your learning materials are online and can be accessed 24/7.  All you need is a computer with internet access to take the course.

Our course also includes tutor support, so you won’t be left feeling alone either. All of our tutors are professional photographers with many years experience behind them.


  • Lifetime unlimited access to 18-module online photography course.
  • Covers introduction to photography, shutter speed, aperture, composition, lighting, portraits, image editing, and more.
  • Includes self-assessment tests, dedicated course tutor, bonus tutorials, tools, and resources.
  • Networking area
  • Certificate will be awarded upon completion.
  • Learn at individual pace.

Lesson Structure

Lesson One: Introduction to Photography

  • Identify modern camera designs and capabilities
  • Recognise the most common photography lenses and their uses
  • Identify key photography accessories and gadgets


Lesson Two: The world of digital photography

  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of digital photography versus film
  • Describe the key elements of digital images
  • Recognise the differences between colour modes
  • Restate safe and efficient printing and storage techniques and gadgets


Lesson Three: Photography types and categories

  • Define key photography types
  • Identify categories of photography that incite personal interest
  • Recognise the importance of photography in everyday life


Lesson Four: Shutter speed explained

  • Explain the key aspects of professional photography
  • Recognise key exposure modes
  • Employ effective shutter mode techniques


Lesson Five: Aperture explained

  • Explain aperture
  • Restate depth of field
  • Describe multiple material modes
  • Employ bracketing


Lesson Six: Basic composition

  • Describe the rules of effective composition
  • Explain balancing
  • Apply the correct viewpoint and lens for attractive composition


Lesson Seven: Advanced composition

  • Employ advanced composition techniques
  • Recognise the key elements of staged photography
  • Practise photography with themes


Lesson Eight: A detailed look at light

  • Employ key techniques for working with artificial lighting
  • Identify key factors for working with mixed natural light and artificial light
  • Recognise key elements of flash and studio shooting


Lesson Nine: Photographing in black and white

  • Identify key differences between shooting in black and white for film or digital
  • Describe the key factors of black and white film
  • Recognise the importance of black and white filters


Lesson Ten: Shooting travel

  • Identify the key factors of travel photography
  • Define techniques for extreme weather conditions
  • Recognise elements involved in landscape composition
  • Employ techniques for maximising reflections of still water


Lesson Eleven: Advanced travel photography

  • Employ techniques for maximising family holiday photos
  • Employ techniques for capturing places, people and events
  • Identify frame-worthy still life and patterns


Lesson Twelve: Effective portrait photography

  • Identify effective backgrounds for capturing natural personality
  • Recognise correct viewpoints to use
  • Describe effective lighting for studio shooting
  • Identify techniques for high to low-key portraits


Lesson Thirteen: Capturing people

  • Identify effective use of natural light and correct angle usage
  • Employ effective techniques for capturing babies, children and older people
  • Apply close-up shots and compose artistic detail


Lesson Fourteen: Tips from the professionals

  • Apply creative fisheye and macro photography techniques
  • Explain correct usage of fill-in flash, reflectors and slow sync flash
  • Employ multiple panoramic shots and zoom lens tricks


Lesson Fifteen: Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • Identify underexposure, overexposure and lens flare
  • Recognise poor focus, red eye and camera shaking
  • Identify dust on the sensor, lens obstruction and low quality images


Lesson Sixteen: Developing your photographic diary

  • Recall key photographic dates
  • Plan and prepare for special occasions and important events
  • Identify unique photographic opportunities


Lesson Seventeen: Advanced photographic editing part 1

  • In this extensive lesson, our Professional Photographer and Photoshop trainer will walk you through how to manipulate your photographs like a pro by using Photoshop, even if you have never opened the programme before. Contains ten training videos.


Lesson Eighteen: Advanced photographic editing part 2

  • In this bonus Photoshop lesson, our Professional Photographer and expert Photoshop Trainer will walk you through ten advanced Photoshop training tutorials.

Online Photography Course

Statement of AchievementPlease enquire for prices and more information
Course Duration: 80 Hours
Course REF: DSL009